EKD-Bulletin 04/1997

4 - 1997


EKD-Synod demands firmer action against child prostitution

The Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) has demanded firmer action against child prostitution and sex tourism. The authorities instituting criminal proceedings in Germany and in the countries involved must work more intensively together, states the final statement from the EKD-Synod in Wetzlar in November. For example, the legal protection of children and the economic situation of families should be improved.

The Synod said that child prostitution and sex tourism were despicable acts against mankind, and a "violent exploitation" of women and children. Germany is "one of the major countries of origin of the child abusers". The Synod also spoke out for action against child pornography on the Internet. All legal methods must be applied to counteract it. Additionally, the German government should pursue sharper criminal proceedings against people who traffic in women.



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